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Schedule Backflow Assembly Certification or Repair

(See below the scheduling form to contact MSI staff directly by email)

Billing Info:

Preferred Contact Method*:

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Service Location:

Yes, you have permission to make any necessary repairs on-site. (Replacement parts and labor charges may apply)

Please make sure your backflow device is unlocked and accessible. If your backflow device is not accessible and service cannot be performed, you will still be charged a service fee.

*Please check here. I agree that Metering Services Inc. (MSI) is not responsible for the inability to access my backflow assemblies. I am responsible for informing MSI of anything necessary to access the devices such as lock codes, keys, gate codes, protective enclosures, etc. I may be charged up to an hour of labor for inaccessible devices.

The MSI Staff

David T. Frampton – Vice President

Dave has a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University and got his Backflow training and Certification in 1987 from USC. Over the past thirty years he has received training in the following areas: leak detection, water auditing, T.V. Inspection, high pressure sewer cleaning, meter installations, meter testing, meter repair and calibration, and automatic meter reading. Dave has also assisted in the development of industry specific software and has been responsible for either the meter replacement program or a meter testing program in nearly every valley city over the years. David Frampton has been involved with the ABPA, serving as Arizona Chapter President from 1999-2001. He is currently a member of the AWWA, AWPCA, and the Rural Water Association.

Keri Frampton – President / Controller

Keri is a founding member of Metering Services, Inc. She tends to the financial aspects of the business as well as marketing and customer relations. Keri also assists the vice-president in daily business decisions.

Katy Wilson – Administrative Assistant

Katy has been with Metering Services since 2008 and works with our experienced technicians to make sure everything is tested according to the city requirements. Her knack for organization ensures that your test reports get to the city on time and that you receive your paperwork in a timely manner.