Metering Services, Inc. provides the expertise, inventory and equipment to test, repair and calibrate water meters. Our mobile test equipment and wide variety of replacement parts ensure our customers that their meters are operating at the highest performance level for the longest period of time at the lowest maintenance cost.

In order to better serve our customers and be at the forefront of technology, MSI’s technicians regularly attend conferences, seminars and arrange special manufacturer presentations. MSI has assisted many communities in recovering lost revenues through large meter repair and calibration.

We have significant experience working on both large water meter (3” to 10”) and small (5/8” to 2”) water meter projects and have easily tested over 50,000 large meters. A sampling of our large meter work includes:

  • For the City of Phoenix, beginning in 1983, test, repair, calibrate and maintain the large meters 
  • For the City of Scottsdale, beginning in 2013, test, repair, calibrate and maintain the large meters
  • For the City of Tempe, beginning 2004 test, repair, calibrate and maintain the large meters and since 2013 for 5/8” to 2” replace water meters, including lid replacement, meter box repair/replacement, AMI signal strength verification and ERT installation
  • For California American Water Co in Coronado, California, beginning in 2000, Test, repair, calibrate and maintain the large meters


This high volume of large meter testing, repair, and replacement experience gives us a unique insight into the challenges that must be faced.  Beginning with the fundamental challenge of working in confined spaces with hazardous energies, we provide additional training, equipment, and testing to ensure the safety of our employees in confined spaces.  Our large meter installation crews consist of at least three technicians that are confined entry certified, as required by OSHA. In fact, our comprehensive health and safety program includes Basic Safety Training and job-specific training, including recognizing potential risks such as how to avoid heat-related injuries and common hazards like bees, black widows, scorpions, and snakes.   


Our experience has helped us to develop a comprehensive quality system to identify issues before we begin a job and to ensure that a job is completed correctly.  Our pre-job work assessment identifies pre-existing issues such as landscaping, traffic, meter box and service line issues. Throughout the replacement we follow a standardized and documented step-by-step plan.  We are experienced in dealing with a variety of service line materials including copper, galvanized, and PVC pipe. Our post-job quality control includes AMR meter installation check, leak-check, endpoint/ERT module verification and field site cleanliness.

Project and Data Management

In addition to meter-by-meter technical expertise, Metering Services, Inc. can provide comprehensive project management and administrative services.  An on-site manager will be assigned to your project. This on-site manager will be responsible for project staffing, customer complaint and emergency response, appointment scheduling, inventory control, quality control audits and daily supervision/work assignment.  

Our corporate staff will provide additional technical and project management oversite, safety and installation training, invoicing, communication, and data summaries.  We use the industry-recognized XC2 software to track the location, make, model, and size of each meter tested. XC2 is able to track the accuracy test results and repair or replacement work completed.  Therefore we can offer our clients a complete and ongoing history of their water meters, with data easily extracted and exported into a client-friendly format such as Excel.  

Recently Metering Services, Inc. has been working with the City of Tempe on their city-wide, small meter AMR project which utilizes the KONA software system.  KONA allows the technicians to directly enter data into hand-held tablets while still in the field. Seeing the real-time value and accuracy provided by direct, in-field data entry is pushing us to expand this capability for all our customers and services during 2018.