Metering Services has performed small meter change outs for 37 years. Since 2015 we have replaced over 125,000 small meters in the state of Arizona alone. Through our extensive training our company can offer highly trained and experienced personnel for small meter replacements. With 37 years of experience we will ensure any project is completed efficiently, promptly, safely and to the highest level of industry standards. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of meter replacements, MSI has installed AMI endpoints, replaced and cut lids to provide each city the benefits from an AMI system.

Friendly, courteous customer service is important to Metering Services Inc. We conduct our business in a professional, ethical, and a trustworthy manner. For commercial and multi-family residences, we provide flexible scheduling for meter replacements. Our staff is available 24/7 and trained to fix and repair leaks

Based upon our experience Metering Services inc. offers these key services that make small meter projects successful:

  1. Communication: Communication between the install team, city and parts suppliers are crucial to a successful project. Our constant contact with all parties involved help to facilitate a seamless project meeting all of the customers standards.
  2. Quality Control: Quality of the work being performed, infrastructure and equipment are all managed by our team through standard protocol of taking pictures, physically reviewing installs by a supervisor and administrative staff also reviews all completed work.
  3. Paperless work order management system: These systems allow both city and installer to monitor data on a daily basis. Through barcode scanners and pictures, all data can be reviewed by all parties to follow the project progress.
  4. Safety: Our comprehensive safety measures address the fundamental challenges that are faced when working in confined spaces with hazardous energies. Those include Basic Safety Training, job-specific training, personal protective equipment, regular safety meetings, and confined entry certified, as required by OSHA.
  5. Projects and data management: Metering services can provide comprehensive project management and administrative services. Our on-site managers can do project staffing, customer complaint, emergency response, appointment scheduling, inventory control, quality control audits and daily supervision of work. We also use Inframap IWater to collect and transfer data for small meter replacements allowing quick and accurate data to be available.
  6. Highly Trained Technicians that are equipped with all the necessary training and equipment for any small meter project.

Metering Services holds essential industry certifications and Affiliations, those include:

  • Member of the American Water Works Association (AWWA)
  • Member of the Arizona Water Associations
  • Member of the Rural Water Arizona Association
  • ADEQ Grade 1 Certification for distribution
  • Confined-Space Entry Certifications
  • Arizona Registrar of Contractors