Metering Services, Inc. is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for our employees and the employees and residents of the cities we serve. Metering Services, Inc. trains to and follows a comprehensive health and safety policy that incorporates safety into all levels – from project planning to project execution. Our safety program incorporates OSHA and Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) requirements. We believe that safety is the responsibility of every employee and prove our commitment to safety through a written health and safety policy that is managed by our Safety Coordinator.

Training: Metering Services, Inc. also provides comprehensive and documented safety training to our employees, depending upon their job description. All employees receive Basic Safety Training which includes a review of Metering Services, Inc. Health & Safety Policy, employee safety responsibilities, the disciplinary policy, incident investigation, emergency action plan, Hazardous Communication, First-Aid and blood-borne pathogens training, and fire prevention and response.

Additional training is provided to our field work employees, including (but not limited to): Personal Protective Equipment, including respiratory protection; Driving & Vehicle Safety; Hand & Portable Power Tool Safety; Ladder Safety; Lock-out/Tag-Out; and Welding/Cutting/Hot Work Safety.

Since large meter replacements typically require work in utility vaults, we provide additional training, equipment, and testing to ensure the safety of our employees in confined spaces. Our large meter installation crews consist of at least three technicians that are confined entry certified, as required by OSHA.

Environmental Management: Metering Services, Inc. is committed to protecting the environment and our sources of clean water. We follow a comprehensive environmental management program that incorporates water conservation, education, recycling, and environmental protection. We train to and follow standards as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) with regards to lead-free materials and hazardous waste. Our employees hold ADEQ certifications for distribution and collection.

Third-Party Safety Accreditation: Metering Services, Inc. has been a member of ISNetworld since October 2010 (member number 400-170115) and PICS (member number 100525). Both ISNetworld and PICS provide on-line, centralized compliance data including insurance certificates, OSHA forms, EMR letters, and documentation of our health and safety programs and training.

Metering Services, Inc. is committed to the highest industry standards of quality control and customer satisfaction for large and small meter change-out and repair. We believe that quality is the responsibility of every employee and use the following metrics and continuously improve our processes to ensure our customers are satisfied with the value and quality of the services we provide.

On-Time, On-Schedule & On-Budget Meter Installation & Repair: Metering Services, Inc. understands the value of fresh, safe, healthy water. We are committed to working with our customer to ensure that interruptions in the water supply are minimized. To significantly reduce impacts to both schedule and cost, Metering Services, Inc. provides:
• flexible scheduling that allows shutdowns to be done at the customer’s convenience,
• 24-hour emergency response.
• Project personnel for work order dispatching, tracking, billing, and communication

Properly Installed & Calibrated Meters: Our goal is 100% matching between AMR/electronic vs. register reads. Metering Services, Inc. uses trained crews that follow standardized procedures with built-in quality assurance to ensure proper and safe meter installation or repair time-after-time.

GIS Locating of Meters: Metering Services is equipped and trained to collect GIS locations of meters during a replacement process. Fined tuned accuracy of a decimeter can be collected for each meter.

Leak & Problem-free Operation of Meters: As part of our standard operating procedures, Metering Services, Inc. Quality Control inspects each meter after installation to survey for leaks and other quality assurance items in order to insure the meter achieves AWWA standards.

Accurate & Timely Information: For each meter and/or endpoint, Metering Services, Inc. can provide the meter read, location, make, model, size, meter number, conditions at the meter site, and date of work. .

Most Advanced Paperless Meter Data Collection: Our staff and technicians are trained and equipped to provide the most efficient and seamless data collection. This provides quick and correct data to the municipality.

Improved Customer Satisfaction & Customer Relations: Metering Services, Inc.’s customer service philosophy is to provide exceptional customer service with a high level of customer satisfaction for Kingsley Management Co. and their customers. Metering Services, Inc. will provide:
• Clear communication during customer notification
• Restoration of the site to pre-existing conditions, if necessary.
• 24/7 customer relation and complaint response
• Prompt completion of investigation orders.

In addition to meter-by-meter technical expertise, Metering Services, Inc. can provide comprehensive project management and administrative services. An on-site manager will be assigned to your project. This on-site manager will be responsible for project staffing, customer complaint and emergency response, appointment scheduling, inventory control, quality control audits and daily supervision/work assignment.

Our corporate staff will provide additional technical and project management oversite, safety and installation training, invoicing, communication, and data summaries. We use the industry-recognized XC2 software to track the location, make, model, and size of each meter tested. XC2 is able to track the accuracy test results and repair or replacement work completed. Therefore we can offer our clients a complete and ongoing history of their water meters, with data easily extracted and exported into a client-friendly format such as Excel.

Recently Metering Services, Inc. has been working with the City of Tempe on their city-wide, small meter AMR project which utilizes the KONA software system. KONA allows the technicians to directly enter data into hand-held tablets while still in the field. Seeing the real-time value and accuracy provided by direct, in-field data entry is pushing us to expand this capability for all our customers and services during 2018.

Friendly, courteous customer service is important to Metering Services, Inc. We conduct our business in a professional, ethical, and trustworthy manner. For commercial or multi-family residences, we can provide flexible scheduling to allow the shutdown and replacements for the larger 1-1/2” to 6” meters to be done at the customer and utility’s convenience.

In fact in the years we have worked with the City of Phoenix we have developed relationships with the various yards and personal to coordinate and complete shutdowns for meter replacement replacements throughout the city. These shutdowns require a lot of coordination with City and Customer. Most work takes place on weekends, holidays or off-hours. (midnight).

Our corporate office is staffed Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 4:30 pm.
24-hour emergency service, messaging services and after-hours contact information is available at the same number. 480-894-0200.